Lecture - May 9th - The unsuccessful migration of the Apartheid State (Homelands)

Stopping black migration to the cities was one of the main goals of the apartheid policy.
The cities lay in 'white' areas and as many as possible black people had to "return" to their homelands. Only those who had an official job via the employment office received a temporary residence permit.


Every day police held pass checks to detect and shut down illegal immigrants. But despite the repression, the authorities failed to stop the migration to the cities.
Historian Bas Kromhout explains in this lecture why the South African migration failed and how this caused the Apartheid plan to fall apart.

Location: South Africa House Keizersgracht 141-C, Amsterdam
Date: May 9, 2017
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Admission: € 7.50
Doors open: 19:00 / start 19:30

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